L. 125 mm. - 4 7/8” Material: Super Soft

Diam. 26-26 mm. - 1.024" - 1.024"

Also suits heated controls


Available codes:

02624/C:   Not pierced

02624/L:   Pierced

02624/LN: Pierced, suitable for Multi-Controller/Navigator system

Sandro Mentasti Srl manufactures its products directly, and markets them with the ARIETE, ARI and HARRI'S brands. The use contained within the catalogues of any original product codes bearing brands other than those mentioned above is intended as merely descriptive, as well as the possible use of trademarks and / or names of other manufacturers (for example, PIAGGIO, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI, BMW), which Sandro Mentasti Srl is in no way connected. The only purpose of this use is to describe the accessory and/or the part.

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