Drive Belts



Gates is a leading manufacturer of high-tech belts to the automotive and industrial markets.

High-quality materials and advanced product features optimise performance, increase product lifetime and bring maintenance costs to a reassuring low.

Gates’ belts are all characterised by one or more of the following unique characteristics:

- Aramid fibre reinforced rubber compound, to better resist wear and ensure smooth sliding in the variator pulleys.

- Advanced chemical treatment of the tensile members, to assure improved bonding between cord and rubber and guarantee longer belt life and high shock resistance.

- Unique rubber compounds, to offer optimum resistance to the highest and lowest temperatures and to thermic load under friction.

- Consistent production processes, to ensure dimensional accuracy.

- Manufactured in Gates’ European facilities, all certified to the highest quality and safety and environmental standards

- No toxic chemical components, in compliance with the relevant European directives.


Available in three different constructions to meet the most varied requirements:

1) STANDARD: with aramid reinforced rubber compound to improve durability.

2) KEVLAR: with aramid reinforced rubber compound and extra strong aramid tensile members to maximise acceleration, shock load resistance and service life.

3) DOUBLE NOTCH: with state-of-the art EPDM compound, extra strong aramid tensile members and Double Notch construction to guarantee extra high performance, particularly suited for high displacement vehicles.