Engine Oil Seals


Oil seals description

Oil Seals are a good resource for any application where foreign media such as oil, grease,and dust are concerns. A variety of LIP, CASE and SPRING materials are available for your review while you make your seal selection.


Lip, Case and Spring Materials

Lip Material: ARIETE OIL SEALS are made using all these 3 materials:


– Nitrile Buna-N 70 durometer compound is the standard material for our seals and is recommended for a majority of common applications. Nitrile lip seals work well within the temperature range of –35°C to + 125°C and provide compatibility with most common mineral oil and greases.


- Silicone compound offer the widest range of normal operating temperatures ranging from -65°C to +170°C however they don’t perform well in dry running conditions and should not be used with EP compounds and oxidized oils.


- Viton ( fluoride rubber) compounds are premium lip materials offering the widest temperature range and chemical resistance. Viton will handle temperatures from –40°C tp over +240°C. This material will resist most special lubricants and chemicals that can destroy Nitrile and Silicones. It is extremely resistant to abrasion abd provides superior wear performance. The negative point is that Viton is very expensive.


Case and Spring materials

Unless otherwise noted, the cases of springs for our oil seaals are produced from carbon seteel. In applications where corrosion resistance is important, either case or spring or both can be produced from stainless steel. In addition, rubber coated seals can provide the best resistance to corrosive environments in the most economical design.


ARIETE engine oil seals for motorcycles & scooters

Our rotanting-shaft oil seals are produced from a compound which is oil-resistant, and survives the high temperatures encountered inside a power unit. We have about 400 different oil seals and more than 150 Engine Oil Seals KITS for many of the more popular motorcycles and scooters currently in use. The high quality of the material used and the grinding of the inner lip of the seals, make this a very popular product with expert mechanics and fitters.