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Sandro Mentasti Environmental Protection Program. This project, founded in 2007, is born out of the desire to promote and apply a more environmentally friendly business culture based on the compatibility between our industry and environmental protection.

The commitment aims at reducing energy consumption in production, at eliminating toxic materials, and looks at a proper development of research and technological innovation with the goal of respecting the natural environment. All of our products marketed with Ariete, Harri's and ARI brands are the expression of our philosophy of dialogue between ecology and industry.

Concrete results have already been achieved in the company's energy saving through ecologically certified electrical transformers, in the management of special waste disposed of in compliance with law by specialized and homologated companies, in the management of recycling, in the drastic reduction in water consumption by means of a closed loop system for the thermo-conditioning of presses and equipment, in the optimization of the heating system of the departments and offices thanks to new thermal condensing boilers with almost zero emissions in the atmosphere, in the considerable saving of paper for internal use (forms, photocopies, e-mail prints, etc.), and the adoption of packaging of ecologically classified products, with catalogs printed strictly on "certified" recycled paper.