Ariete 8k

Welcome to 8K world

The new Off-Road Ariete Goggle: the view is wide open!

Ariete presents 8K, the new generation Goggle that takes the genetic make-up of the Mudmax to the next level with an enhanced field of view.

Famous of introducing high performance, solid goggles around the world, Ariete’s 8K is follows on from the success of the Off-Road Goggles 007, RC, Adrenaline and Mudmax, pushing their boundaries and evolving the Ariete Optics technology to its maximum!

The passion and knowledge gained over the years alongside top quality materials, make for an unbeatable experience for your eyes!

With CarbonX foam, which debuted on the Mudmax line, and a range of interchangeable lenses to cover all light conditions and driving needs, the 8K is equipped for every track. Whether you’re riding in desert, hitting the slopes or ready to rally, the landmark technology offers the comfort and safety you need.

Using a maxi-lens and the A.V.S Ventilation System, the 8K is hailed by riders as the best anti-fog system available on the market today.

Move on to Ariete 8K and enjoy the show! 

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