Here are our buying advice!

The mission of a lens is to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and from possible damage in case of impact!

Ariete guarantee the highest quality of certified materials, lenses with no optical distortion and total protection from UV rays on every lens, including clear air ones!

It is also essential for your own safety to be able to see details perfectly with a free field of view where contrasts of the profiles are emphasized in depth and the reflections of light are significantly attenuated.

How to choose a lens? According to the conditions of use: track and weather!!

The first choice is on the category of the lens:

  • Cat. 0: clear lens for nocturnal ride or cloudy conditions.
    • It reduces the glare caused by artificial light
  • Cat. 1: colored lens for low visibility conditions.
    • The colors yellow and coral are particularly recommended for flat land with a very low visibility such as fog, low clouds or pre-dawn night.
    • The colors smoked grey and blue are neutral shades recommended to reduce reflections and glare in different light conditions. Recommended for sunny days in winter.
  • Cat. 2: silver chrome lens or colored multi-layer for sunny conditions.
    • These treatments significantly reduce reflections by increasing the contrast and definition of images.
    • Recommended for exposed paths to the sun even with short passages in shady areas.
    • These are jolly lenses in case of medium/strong brightness.
  • Cat. 3: silver chrome or colored multi-layer lens for extremely sunny condition with strong light intensity.
    • They significantly reduce glares and are indicated for rally, stony ground, sand and snow.
    • If you face trails in shade or in the woods or in the evening, better choose a lower category.
    • They are not certified for driving on the road.

The second choice concern the structure of the lens: double or single

Double lenses act like double glazed windows, they create a thermal insulation that avoids excessive stress on the anti-fog treatment of the lens. In cold climatic conditions with great physical effort, the difference between the temperatures outside and inside the goggles tend to fog up the lens.

Assembling a double lens reduces the heat flow exchanged between the two areas and preserves the efficiency of the anti-fog treatment which can absorb moisture without becoming saturated quickly.

In case the track is particularly demanding, for example winter training with a lot of sweating, it is even better assembling a double ventilated lens to increase the flow of air which facilitate the dissipation of heat. Ariete offers a wide choice of double lenses, even colored and ventilated, for all conditions!

The Ariete advice: experimenting in training with different types of lenses by color and by category to recognize the brightness/track conditions and quickly choose how to equip on the day of the race or the experience.

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