Ariete BASALTO handlebar grip is the new lock-on grip for MTB with a pattern that enhances the technical fundamentals of a sport bike handlebar grip. Designed to offer maximum grip while riding in challenging conditions, the Basalto line of handlebar grips offer the Rider the pleasant sensation of a solid, natural bond between the ground and the handlebars. Designed by Alberto Caimi.

  • Inner diam. 22 mm, outer diam. 31 mm, length 130 mm.
  • Compound: medium, absorbs and neutralizes vibration
  • Dynamic cushion given by a yielding central body
  • Excellent shock absorber effect due to the highest quality thermoplastic elastomers
  • Pattern obtained by D.R.E. (Design Rendering Engineering) laser engraving technology
  • Aluminum lock-on with ED Coating (Electrophoretic Deposition) system
  • M4 stainless steel screw, easy to install
  • Weather resistant without cracking, and keeps its elasticity even at very low temperatures


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The technical designs of this new product were inspired by the natural elements in which an off-road bike normally rides. Stones, pavements, rough terrain, but even more so the lava rocks, which with their typical primeval look provide a decidedly innovative characteristic to its design, becoming the distinctive point of these new Ariete handlebar grips.

Designed to offer the best grip while riding in challenging conditions, the handlebar grips of the Basalto line provide the Rider with the pleasant feeling of a solid and natural bond between the ground and the handlebars, a bond that translates into a perfect continuity with the outdoor space, and on which our technicians, in collaboration with Designer Alberto Caimi, have focused to define the essential construction elements.

The pattern is the result of the study of the geological lines of magmatic rocks, with the surface motif of the handlebar grips being obtained by carving into the mold with the D.R.E. Design Rendering Engineering laser engraving technology. At first glance, all the individual elements are visible in relief to show how precisely this new texture was created, hinting at the idea of tiny rock chips on rubber.Beyond just grip and aesthetics were considered, and the Basalto handlebar grips are made from a very high quality family of thermoplastic elastomers, which, thanks to their molecular structure, based on styrene block copolymers, give the product not only durability, but at also the elasticity needed to achieve that much sought-after shock absorber effect in the harshest conditions.

A handlebar grip made of these materials is extremely stable to UV, Ozone and weathering, and moreover, it retains its elasticity even at very low temperatures. Also ecologically important, it is possible to separate the rubber parts from the metal sealing ring, the Basalto handlebar grip can be properly disposed of after its use.

The feeling while riding is that of a cylindrical handlebar grip, apparently neutral in terms of stress distribution in the different areas of hand support, yet the central area has a more yield, ready to give back to the Rider the effect of a dynamic cushion acting on the forces developed by the strong pressure exerted by the hands.

The body of the Basalto handlebar grip is designed for easy assembly on the handlebar. The presence of the clamping collar makes the system fast and effective; and the clamping screw is M4, made of steel and includes a threadlock treatment, installed with a tightening torque of 3.0 N/m. The collar is made of aluminum painted with an ED Coating treatment and can be colored and customized upon the customer’s request.

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