Ariete Estoril 02615-A is the Classic Ariete grip for Superbike and Road Racing. Years of use have confirmed the value of this well-tried designs.

  • Rigid sub-strate with soft outer skin
  • Cleverly-designed to give exceptional grip and absorb vibration
  • 3 built-in wire-on grooves
  • Technical micro-pyramid pattern
  • Minimal flanges
  • Special anti-allergy material
  • Pierced for bar-end balance weights


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With smart design and original technological solutions, the Ariete R&D dept. offers innovation, safety and comfort to please the most demanding rider!

The hypo-allergenic material used in the production of these grips, exclusive to ARIETE, was developed to get exceptional characteristics:

  • The surface is not porous
  • The molecular structure is dense.
  • It absorbs and neutralizes vibration
  • It is durable, and not subject to cracking
  • It performs superlatively in the “Grip test”

Details & Dimensions:

  • Hypo-allergenic and grippy material
  • Universal model for handlebars 7/8” – diam. 22/24 mm
  • Pack pair

Additional information


Sandro Mentasti Environmental Protection Program since 2007 – PACK: Paper from responsibly managed sources FSC – Conai: PAP21 -> Paper Collection


Sistema di Gestione ISO 9001:2015 per la Qualità e Sistema di Gestione ISO 45001:2018 per la Salute e la Sicurezza sul Lavoro.


120 mm




22/24 mm

Fitting instructions

1) After removing the old grips, clean the handlebar ends and the twist grip assembly with surgical spirit or contact lens cleaner or another solvent such as alcohol.
2) Clean and lubricate the inside of the grip with water or surgical spirit, and then push it into place on the bar end without twisting the grip.
3) Do not use soap, oil or petrol.
4) Wait 120 minutes before using the vehicle.
5) Before operating the vehicle, check that the throttle twist-grip moves freely. Fully open the throttle by turning the grip towards you, and then release it. The twist-grip should turn freely, and return to its normal closed-throttle position.
If you have any problems or doubts, speak to a specialist mechanic, contact, whatsApp +39 340 2326523 or telephone us on + 39 0332 310100 for advice.


ArieteARI and Harri’s products, while being of very high quality, may be subject to damage in case of impact or accident.

Before using ArieteAri or Harri’s products, please carefully read the instructions for use and installation.

Sandro Mentasti Srl makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in this catalogue is correct and easy to understand, with some information specific to individual products, but accepts no responsibility for any misinterpretation. If you should require any further information, regarding assembly and/or conditions for use, please contact Sandro Mentasti Srl by e-mail at

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